how to get back my ex girlfriendNothing can be more heartbreaking than getting dumped by your girl.

It can also be very hurtful to your pride as a man. If you find yourself asking, “how to get back my ex girlfriend”, you have to think of successful ways to ensure her return. You need to let her know that she herself wants you back but you must do it in a cool way. Here are effective ways on how to get back my ex girlfriend.

How to Get Back My Ex Girlfriend – Be unruffled with the breakup.

Letting her see that you have accepted the separation is a good way on how to get back my ex girlfriend. Never be too showy, pathetic and desperate. Girls love men to be confident, strong and self-assured and they get turned off by pitiable losers.

Become an individual again by living your life the way you want to.

Perform well in your work, strive to get a promotion and get a good raise. Girls love it when men are economically and professionally stable and can do anything they want because they have the finances. This is a sure-fire way how to get back my ex girlfriend.

When she communicates with you, do not be readily available.

Do not immediately answer her calls. Let her give you a few rings before answering. Let her do a little chasing so that you will constantly be on her mind.

Go out on dates with other girls.

This will evoke feelings of jealousy in your ex. If she sees you with other women, she will suddenly become defensive and protective. This is a very effective way how to get back my ex girlfriend.

You will surely bump into her in one or two parties.

When this happens, be friendly towards her. Make her see that you are a fun person to be with. She will remember the times you spent together and will miss your company. This will make her realize that she should never have broken up with you.

Communicate with mutual friends.

This will keep her updated of your life as she will definitely ask them about you. Show your common friends that you are not affected with the breakup and make them have a good time with you for them to relay to your ex. It will make them ask her why she ever left you.

If you want your former girlfriend back, work on it. The way to work on it is to first be passive. When you see her wanting to be with you again, welcome her back with open arms. That is how to get back my ex girlfriend.